Search Engine Optimization

Paid ads and PPC produce results, but if you are looking at growing traffic organically to your site, you need to optimize it for the search engines. Why do you need SEO?

While almost 68% of the online users start their experience with the search engine, only 0.78% move onto the second page of the search engine results. (ref: It effectually means that your website, e-store, or social media profile of the brand needs to be there right on the top page of the search engine results to get clicks from searchers looking for a business like yours.

No child’s play, you need an effective SEO strategy to get organic clicks to your URL. That is where My Inbox Media comes into the picture. We have the right tools and talent to create optimized campaigns to generate organic traffic to your site.

We are a leader in the bulk SMS niche in India. Alongside, we have the right expertise and aptitude to help you with your digital marketing strategies and campaigns.

We have onboard a team of seasoned SEO experts who study your site and your industry parameters in-depth to align it with Google’s SEO algorithms. Since the algorithm changes regularly, only proficient Search Engine Optimization specialists like us can detect even the minutest changes and accordingly improvise your site’s technical and non-technical SEO attributes.

My Inbox Media has an exhaustive range of tools and systems powered by the new-age technology to create a competitive edge for your brand in the market.