Contest Management

Businesses can use this contest management software to launch and manage competitions to boost their brand and reach. With the help of a custom-designed contest landing page, you can target your audience, define your contest rules, invite judges, and allow judging, scoring, and public voting so you can run your contest online from anywhere on any device.

Refined Communication

Refined communication

Email templates and bulk updates make it easier to communicate with contestants, who may check the status of their submission at any time. Create unique messages to notify winners, deny entries, or seek further information from hundreds of participants in a single step.

Review Reporting

Review and Report

Automate routine processes such as team assignments and have instant access to live reporting data for critical campaign indicators. Use solutions that automate and expedite the review process to oversee internal judgment or public voting. At any time, you can access and exchange critical data.

Powerful Organization Tool

Powerful Organizational Tools

Automatically apply labels depending on contestant responses and filter submissions, with the opportunity to rank and assess entries based on a numerical score. Increased administrator efficiency saves time and money that may be used for more community-impacting initiatives. Spend less time in spreadsheets, emails, and files handling contests and more time making an impact.

Client Flow

Centralized Management

Improve submission collecting and campaign management by managing your whole contest cycle from a single account. By eliminating spreadsheets and folders, you can save hours. With specific contest administration solutions, you can manage the entire process from start to end in one consolidated location.

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