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Whatsapp Business Features

Customers have migrated from SMS to WhatsApp communication and hence businesses must also leverage the platform to interact with their customers. WhatsApp Business enables businesses to securely communicate with their customers with a single identity as opposed to multiple numbers. The process is seamless; With just a WhatsApp business API integration, you can utilise the platform for sales and service. WhatsApp Business Solution also offers data insights on message delivery as well as read information.

Five key reasons why WhatsApp Business can enhance your customer interaction and act as a game-changer in your communication strategy.


As WhatsApp verifies every business account, your customers can be confident that they are talking to you and not an imposter. Businesses can also engage in creative conversations by incorporating multimedia such as images, videos and documents.


Customers and businesses can communicate via WhatsApp chat. This feature adds a personal touch wherein the business can fulfill customer requirements, sell their product, and simultaneously service the customer - all on a single platform.

Message Automation AUTOMATE MESSAGES

Businesses, with the help of WhatsApp business feature, can devise an ‘Away’ response for customers to know when they can expect a response.

Built in security BUILT-IN SECURITY

WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption makes it one of the most secure communication platforms that strives to maintain subscriber privacy. With the built-in security feature, you can be rest assured that the transactional, as well as behavioural data, is safe.


Templated responses can be created with the help of WhatsApp chatbot service to answer common customer queries such as delivery status, two-factor authentication, payment updates, ticket updates and notifications.

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