SMTP Relay

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is the backend technology that allows you and your firm to send, receive, and relay messages between email senders and recipients. We provide SMTP Relay solutions that allow you to connect to a specific SMTP relay server for effective communication by utilizing the SMTP protocol. The SMTP Relay is built with automated and advanced technology, and the SMTP Relay gives real-time information and configurable solutions adapted to your needs and requirements.

MIM Infrastructure

Sending Infrastructure

Internet service providers (ISPs) use your domain reputation and IP address reputation to determine whether your emails are routed to your recipients' inboxes or sent to the spam bin. We assist in adding your business to a pool of reliable, high-reputation senders and protect the IP reputation with a range of techniques.

Technical assistance

Technical Assistance

We specialize in delivering, monitoring, and enhancing their email sending processes as business email service providers. You have access to high-quality SMTP email infrastructure and an experienced, on-call support team to assist you with difficult email difficulties or deliverability concerns.

Email Automatio System

Large Volume of Emails

The majority of shared hosting and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) limit access to their outgoing mail servers only to prevent SPAM, which is why businesses frequently struggle to perform any promotional activity. The new SMTP relay service allows clients to send unlimited emails through mass email marketing while ensuring that they get viewed.

SMS Performance Optimization

Monitor and Optimize performance

We can provide you with a real-time feed of your receiver activities as an SMTP relay provider. To increase engagement and email delivery rates, troubleshoot sending's by filtering results and monitoring email metrics like opens, clicks, and bounce rate.

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