SMPP Application

Short Message Peer-to-Peer protocol, also better known as SMPP, is a medium by which applications can send text messages to single/multiple mobile devices as well as receive SMS from mobile devices. The technology behind it is an open and industry-standard protocol that enables the transfer of short message data between ESMEs (External Short Message Entities), REs (Routing Entities), and MCs (Message Centers). SMPP is the technology that empowers My Inbox Media’s state-of-the-art applications, enabling us to help you grow your business.
From booking confirmation, promotional messages, appointment reminders, OTPs, online banking, shares trading and traffic alerts, SMPP is your go-to application.

Real Time promotional sms

Real-Time Communication

All the business SMS’ are sent hassle-free, without any interruptions, in real-time. This system is apt for sending immediate notifications, alerts, and OTPs. Using this power authentication can make your customers’ digital systems more secure and safe. You can get live and real-time reports so that you are always on your top performance with the help of analytics.



Error-free messages can be sent with precision to millions of customers in a day. Our services can be used to communicate with your customers with unparalleled speed and accuracy.



Seamlessly manage services such as taxi assignment, tracking of a stolen vehicle, logistics control, etc. You can also send VPS-based alerts and messages.

Customizable SMS


Customized SMS’ can be mass-sent to a large group of targeted customers at once. Use these services to send booking confirmations to your guests and customers along with other important notifications and send reminders about appointments and payments.



We have reliable and state-of-the-art technology in the field of bulk SMS services. With our high-potential system with SMPP connectivity, almost 1000 messages can be delivered in a second. That is drastically higher than all other connectivity and messaging systems. Since the system is flexible, it addresses future scalability issues too.

Promotional text messages


Use it to deliver promotional SMS’ to your end customers and engage in meaningful and productive marketing and promotional campaigns and take your business to the next level.



SMPP supports two-way messaging, hence, you can reduce the turnaround time for your customer’s queries and strengthen your communication with your customers. Binary, Unicode, and plain text, long text messages during bulk SMS, paging services with numeric and alphanumeric formats, and advanced voice-to-text communication models are also supported.

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