SMPP Connectivity

Using next-generation, high-powered technology such as SMPP Connectivity is one effective method for increasing your connection with your customers and staying in touch with them. SMPP connectivity has become a must-have for corporate and large-sized businesses worldwide. SMPP is a protocol that has grown in popularity for quickly and easily transacting huge volumes of messages.

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SMPP API is an open, efficient, and high-performance text SMS protocol. Some carriers rely heavily on conventional SMPP to transmit heaps of business SMS simultaneously. This allows you to send SMS in bulk quantities at lightning speed.

Live Reporting

Live Reports

The SMPP gateway is not only recognized for delivering text messages quickly and reliably, but it also provides live delivery reports and tracks live traffic for all of your SMS campaigns. When SMS messages are transmitted using an SMPP server, there is no risk of message delivery failure.

Quick Delivery

Quick Delivery

SMPP guarantees that messages are delivered as quickly as possible. Because SMPP is always connected to the server, it does not need to validate the login and password before sending the message, which is frequent when using HTTP API. It is an open-source system designed to ensure effective message delivery.

Minimal Downtime

Minimal Downtime

While other systems have higher downtime, SMPP server downtime is reduced to 1%, which is relatively low. As a result, business owners are not exposed to the danger of downtime or continuous message failures.

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