Dedicated long codes are perfect for providing a cost-effective way for your target clients to communicate with you instantly. For high-traffic businesses, a dedicated long code is the best choice. A unique number is issued to each business, allowing high-volume data to be processed efficiently without service disruptions.

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Unlimited Keywords

When you acquire a dedicated long code or keyword, you can establish an unlimited number of sub-keywords and inboxes. The ability to create an endless number of sub-keywords allows businesses to administer distinct auto-responses for each of them.

Two Way Communication

Customized Two-way Communication

In today's tailored-marketing environment, personalizing your customer's experience is essential. You can enhance your messaging experience by using dedicated long codes, allowing easy two-way communication.


Multi-layered Filtration

Using sub-keywords in addition to the major keywords improves message filtration, resulting in more accurate routing, segregation, and resolution. Take advantage of uninterrupted services with no downtime, simple selection, and day-long automatic filtering.

SMS Alert

SMS Alerts

To remain up to speed with any inbound communications concerning your business, you can effortlessly forward incoming messages to your email, phone number, or contact group. You can easily contact the customer seeking assistance or secure a deal if they are interested in making a purchase.

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