Whatsapp Redirect URL

Create a customised WhatsApp link with a predefined message in seconds and share it with your audience on social media. Customers can send you a WhatsApp message by clicking the link without adding your phone number to their contact list.

Effortless engagement

Effortless Engagement

The WhatsApp Redirect URL will allow clients to interact with you instantly. Your audience can send you the first message with a single click, undoubtedly enhancing your lead generation and sales. The option to exchange audio messages, images, or videos may expand and engage dialogue on items or the business itself with the user.

SMS for web

Pre-filled Messages

A predefined message can help businesses guide consumers to enquire effortlessly. Customer enquiries are frequently not detailed enough and require clarification, which might result in several time-consuming follow-up actions. A pre-filled text can therefore assist clients in structuring their message at their leisure whilst saving time for the customer as well as the business.

Form Filling

Multiple Forms

It may be used as a hyperlink, QR code, or embedded in an image or GIF. As an added benefit, you can embed the URL in any format you choose, from websites to banner advertisements, logos to emails, allowing you to create the ideal call-to-action button.

Customer Interaction

Customized Interactions

Customers can be traced back to the product, service, or webpage they came from, allowing you to customize your interactions with them. This kind of client engagement is both cost-effective and accurate.

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