Link Tracking

URL tracking is the technique of appending identifiers to URLs to identify your best-performing marketing channels and dig down to the content driving referral traffic or sales. Tracking URLs assist you in determining the performance of your marketing activities.

Geo Targeting


Knowing your users' location is a crucial aspect to consider as a marketer. It's pivotal since it allows you to strategize your campaigns accurately. We can reroute customers to various pages depending on the user's current location. With this functionality, you can lead users to geography-specific offers that would positively affect your campaign results.

Link Tracking Analysis

Link Tracking Analysis

Link tracking reports provide marketers with useful insights to enhance their campaigns. It includes an A/B test summary, potential response counts or rates, conversion tracking, sending performance data, impression tracking and more.

URL Rotator

URL Rotator

The URL rotator software distributes incoming traffic to several URLs. This implies that your traffic is rotated for an infinite number of landing pages or sites, delivering high-quality traffic to your target demographic.

 MIM Link Shortner Online

Link Cloaking

Link cloaking is the process of masking a URL through a URL redirect. This creates a short link and rebrands it, making it easier to trace and more trustworthy to the person who clicks on it. By activating the feature, you control what appears in the address bar and what text appears in the window's title bar.

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