QR Code Generator

QR codes are already utilized for many things, including product barcodes, price tags, and even marketing. You may use a QR code generator to easily produce QR codes for social media sharing, email marketing, etc.

Event Tracking

Event Activity Tracking

Businesses can determine visitor behaviour by recording events and providing reliable traffic flow measurements for specific aims. Event tracking lets you determine whether your end-users interact with the content encoded in the QR Code after scanning it. You can enhance your future campaigns by evaluating the engagement rate.

QR Code Scanner

Editable QR codes

An editable QR code generator allows you to create dynamic QR Codes, also known as editable QR Codes, that may be modified even after they have been printed. This allows for easy re-use and real-time fine-tuning. Having a dynamic QR Code also eliminates the need to produce a new QR Code if you update your website, change your domain, or wish to alter your offerings.


Smaller in Size

A QR Code can hold more information in a smaller space than a barcode. This is useful in inventory management since it allows you to print more QR Code labels in the same amount of space, saving you money on printing.


Multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication gives your account an added layer of security. It gives the user more security assurance than simply adding a password. No unauthorized user can access or hack your account using multi-factor authentication.

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