Transactional Emails

Each encounter with a consumer or prospect is crucial. An order confirmation, delivery information, receipts, account setup, alerts, password resets, and transactional emails might all be included in a short transactional email. Transactional email marketing plays an important part in building customer relationships and improving your brand's image.

Custom Retention cycle

Customer Satisfaction and Retention

By promptly acknowledging your user's transaction, you develop confidence and credibility for your service. Transactional emails play an important part in customer retention by guaranteeing a positive customer experience.

SMS Reactivation


Transactional emails feature behavioural triggers and are triggered by instantaneous actions done by users on websites or applications. You can send transactional emails, such as abandoned cart emails and trial expiry emails, which can aid in the conversion of inactive consumers into regular customers.

Scheduled Mail


You can contact your consumers promptly since each transactional email is essentially a real-time reaction to an individual activity. It means you have more opportunities to capture their attention and interact with your business while their purchase intent is at its peak.

Brand Identification Documents

Brand identification

Transactional emails have more engagement than marketing emails, since consumers expect to receive them. They provide a chance to develop brand presence and recognition at critical periods in the customer cycle due to greater open rates.

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